Post Romantic Stress Disorder

A new book by John Bradshaw is Post Romantic Stress Disorder

Four degrees of PRSD

The first degree covers the sense of shame that is experienced when an in-love trance is broken by diminished sexual desire in one partner.  The second degree comprises the no-listen, no-talk, and no-feel.  Conflict resolution is judgmental shaming, which triggers constant defensiveness, and creates distance and “dissmell”.  Intimacy is avoided and both partners do things to create separation.  Third degree of PRSD is slow withdrawal from each other, avoidance of sex with the partner, possible sex addiction and/or affairs.  The marriage becomes boring and unhappy.  The fourth degree of PRSD involves the rejected spouse/lover.  They remain in the throes of the romance program and refuse to accept that their marriage or love affair is over.  This may cause the rejected person to put their life on hold obsessing over the love object, and may result in desparate measures to be with the person including threatening suicide, battering, stalking, hypervigilant mate guarding, physical and emotional abuse, and sometimes even murder.

It is obviously very important to realize what is going on especially in the fourth stage and get professional help if necessary rather than resorting to measures that would result in legal or other personal problems.

if you need help go to or call 310-802-4022.

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